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Divorce and child custody matters often require quick, time sensitive clarifications so that you, the client, can proceed with the benefit of the truth. This usually requires a skillful combination of surveillance and records checks, as well as court testimony in some cases. Whether you need that clarification for your own private needs or for an ongoing court case, we can address these matters efficiently and confidentially with a broad range of resources. Please call Affordable PI at (469) 666-4779 for affordable rates and additional information.


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"Innocent until proven guilty" isn't always the case.  We work with attorneys to uncover the truth... without bias, without judgement, without prejudice.  This may include witness interviews, obtaining court and police records, fact checking, background checks, surveillance, examination of lab results, and more.  Affordable Investigations has worked with many criminal defense cases, including murder, sexual assault, and aggravated assault. Our duty is to remain objective, and find ALL the facts of the case.


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The guy or gal you met on (fill in your dating site) seems wonderful…. or are they?

Affordable Investigations may not be able to determine whether he or she replaces the toilet paper roll, but perhaps we can help you get a clearer picture of who that person really is. The dating process is supposed to bring out the deepest bits of people lives, but some may be less than forthcoming and the private investigators at Affordable Investigations can help. While we cannot legally access many records, the records we can access may help you make a better informed decision as you approach an important crossroads.  

Investigate before you date!

Divorce / Child Custody
Criminal Defense
Pre-Relationship Background Checks


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Everyone has to be somewhere and we have the resources to find most of them. Whether you are seeking to locate a lost loved one, a deadbeat parent, a missing witness or anything in between, Affordable Investigations has an affordable option for you. Please do not be confused by companies selling raw data on the web, as this information is often incorrect or simply outdated. Our location reports are assembled and confirmed by our experienced private investigators, so that you can actually make contact with the person in question to fulfill your needs. Our affordable location service can effectively pinpoint a subject in Dallas, Collin, Denton, and Tarrant Counties, or anywhere else in Texas or the United States.


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So your former spouse claims he or she isn't working and is using that claim to forego child support or other court-ordered obligations. They may find that it's difficult to argue video testimony.


Affordable Investigations has helped many confirm and document the employment of non-paying spouses. Whether in court, or a less formal setting, (e.g. Attorney General proceedings), Affordable Investigations can provide the proof you need to counter claims of insolvency.


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Is your CFO crunching the numbers... or working on his short game at the country club? Is your project manager managing your projects... or having lunch with your competitor's crew? Is your field representative in the field... or having coffee and writing sermons at Barnes and Noble?

All of these scenarios have happened. Surveillance of those individuals established that they were not fulfilling the requirements of their respective position, and our information was used to terminate their employment. The companies involved were able to move on from highly compensated, but ineffective employees. It may make better financial sense to do this within your own organization.  The private investigators of Affordable Investigations have many years of experience in just this type of surveillance.


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Worker’s comp fraud is a very costly crime and usually requires expert surveillance to stop the damages. Our private investigators are experienced in discreetly handling these matters with top efficiency. Providing the best results possible in the least amount of time possible is our constant goal. Digital video of the subject is provided whenever significant activity is observed along with background / records checks, and additional supporting information when needed. GPS vehicle tracking can also be used in certain cases. Please call Affordable PI at (469) 666-4779 for affordable rates and additional information.

Employment Verifications
Workplace Investigations
Worker's Comp Fraud
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